Ethical Initiatives for Nations Development

Leadership Development

“The general decay of the standards of human development worldwide is a reflection of the deterioration of the ethics of leadership at all levels.”

-Dr. Noel Woodroffe

Congress WBN’s work in the area of leadership development is based on the assumption that the mentalities of leaders can be adjusted as they are exposed to new ethics-based paradigms.

By equipping leaders with a new value-system for leadership, it is expected that the benefits will redound to the common good.

Congress WBN has a long, productive history of working with political, religious, business, education and community leaders by providing them with customized consulting arrangements, strategic planning resources, considered assessment of global trends and organizational transformation expertise.


  • The consulting arm of Congress WBN is known as Congress Global Consulting (CGC) and has undertaken projects in various countries including Belize, Nigeria, Liberia, Antigua, Jamaica and Fiji.
  • Consultations with business and political leaders have also been facilitated through CGC upon request.
  • Leadership development training also includes C-WBN’s Male Empowerment Initiative – a seminar series offered globally and focusing upon responsible male leadership in families and communities.

Effecting Change through the Promotion of Ethical Leadership