Ethical Initiatives for Nations Development

Congress WBN History

Congress WBN (C-WBN) was originally formed as the World Breakthrough Network (WBN) with a primary focus on local church-based communities, under the leadership of Dr. Noel Woodroffe in Trinidad. The initial presentation of the network was made to leaders of twelve church ministries gathered in the then Holiday Inn Hotel in the capital, Port of Spain.

From those beginnings Congress WBN has developed to what it is today—a “Global Synergy of Kingdom Initiatives” composed of eight sectors of strategic operations involving networks of kingdom communities, professional groups, educational institutions, nations-development initiatives, businesses, individual national leaders, and university students. The President and Founder of the Congress is Dr. Noel Woodroffe functioning out of his primary base, Elijah Centre Global made up of the Nexus in Trinidad and Tobago and fourteen (14) Embassies across the earth. The Congress itself operates in over 85 nations on all five continents.